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Attaching files

It is very easy to attach files to your tasks and projects. Click the links below to see how we integrate with these services:
To attach a file just click the paperclip icon on the task then choose the service you would like to use. The first time you use a service you may need to log in:

Adding a File file to a project

To add an file to a project, click the files tab, click "add file or photo", then click the service:

Adding a file to a comment

You can also add a file into a conversation. A few examples of where this would be helpful is if you would like to get someone's feedback on a file or you would like to upload a screen shot or photo to help explain something better. To add an attachment into the conversation, first open the comments for a task, click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the dialog, then select the type of file you would like to add.

Searching for files

To search for a file that is in your project, click on the Files tab, then start typing in the "Find Files" field:

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